Work: Publication Design
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

This project was an exploration of the relationship between typography and use of images. My inspirations came from the work of Hochuli & Kross (1996):

“traditional and modern, symmetrical and asymmetrical with the positive deployment of empty space, the meaningful use of colour, the meaningful exploitation of contrast and a corresponding lack of interest in visual balance”.

My purpose of analysing typography and photographic images was to investigate the use of the appropriate design system. Further inspiration of this project was applying Jan Tschichold’s way of liberating typography from the traditional conventions of book design, wherein layouts are asymmetrical, yet balanced; the empty spaces are considered, and sometimes even equally dynamic (Tschichold, 2006). Therefore, coming from these contextual research references, this project produced two outputs of designs:

    Firstly, a hinged-box with a
standard formal way of designing it and balancing elements of margins and layouts was produced. The other output 
was a Concertina/Accordian booklet.